dooblu is your specialist design and development partner. We usher digital products from validation to success and teach you how because we care.

Website Design And Development

Mob App Design And Development

Custom-Software Development

ECommerce Store Development

This Is How We Develop A Project.

Let us fully take care of your websites, apps & digital marketing needs, through a solid plan.

1. Evaluation

Before anything, we analyze and startegize the best route for design and development.

2. Software Design

Our products go through vigorous analysis and testing to craft user-centric designs.

3. Development

The project is developed according to your needs.

4. Testing

For us Quality Assurance is very important. Each project we take on goes through numerous iterations of testing.


For Entrepreneurs - By Entrepreneurs

Zain Qureshi - CTO

“For me a project is successful only, when the client is content with our service. This is our currency”.

Waqar Ahsan - Director

“I welcome you to our company, and I can’t wait to provide you quality code that solves your problems”. 

Our Recent Projects.

Following are the examples of what you are going to get from us.

CastaAuto is an auto mobile spare parts’ online store that allows user to choose and buy mobile parts of their need with ease.

CarrotsPlus creates a unique rewards experience for customers with rewards program technology solution.

Viictor is an interactive platform allowing players to register & play level based matches and win $ or prizes.

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

We believe you deserve great service.

“For me a project is successful only, when the client is content with our service. This is our currency”. 

Zain Qureshi
Co Founder & CTO

Testimonials That We Cherish.

"We just finished our new website with dooblu and are so excited to have it developed!! It is so professionally done and eye catching, not to mention how great it looks and runs on mobile devices".

We tried it on an iOS and Android OS and it was great on both! We love how easy it is to make changes ourselves, (after some training from dooblu) yet know we have the support when/if we need it.
"dooblu designed the back-end specifically for our needs and this is a testament to the great design, functionality and expandability of the website. Whether you're a small business starting out or a massive e-commerce store, dooblu can provide quality website".

It doesn't end there either as there are continuous improvements and updates needed on a daily basis. Support is also by a 24/7 friendly, experienced team who know this software inside out and will always try to sort any issues you have quickly and with the minimum of fuss.
aZAM Ehsan
Director -


  1. Pitch us your idea, project, or tech need.

    We’ll give you a ball park idea of the project size with some ideas on how it can be done and improved. We’ll suggest what you need and what you wont need.

  2. As you agree, we’ll dive deep in to your idea or problem and get familiar with what exactly you are trying to achieve.

    We’ll develop wireframes of the app/site so we are on the same page

  3. Lastly we’ll create a full estimate, with a breakdown  of every section and every feature.

    The estimate would be like a buffet, you can pick and choose whatever matches your need.

We’ll always inform you, how many “working hours” it’ll take, or how much the project would cost. Why? Because transparency is the key point we believe in.
  1. Once we become experts and confident about your project and develop the details that work for you, we’ll throw a meeting where everyone is invited.
  2. We’ll take the entire estimate and break down each section into small executables called stories. These stories are then grouped in to “timeboxes” which are going to be created in 1 – 2 weeks rushes.

What’s a Rush?

  1. A rush is a 1 – 2 week chunk of work.
  2. We update you every 3 days with progress and arrange 15 minute call for feedback.
  3. At the end of every week we have a formal display, where we show our work.
  4. You test it, give us feedback, and approve the next rush.

When the project reaches it’s final stage, we’ll go through a final round of testing with your help.

We are not just sellers of our technology. We want to see you succeed and have an interest in this becoming reality. We are available and always ready to help after the project to help in any way we can as a partner.

Have an idea for an app or a website? Don't let it waste.